Introduction of Medical Staff

Noh Yong-ji, Director
Major medicinal power
- Graduate from Keimyung University School of Medicine
- Graduated from a Ph.D. program at Keimyung University's Graduate School
- Completed the completion of dermatology at the Dongsan Medical Center at Keimyung University Medical School
- A regular member of the Korean Dermatological Society.
- A regular member of the Korean Changsang Association.
- A regular member of the Korean Society for Videos.  
Kim Sun-young, chief of internal medicine
Major medicinal power
- Daegu Catholic University College of Medicine 
- Professor of Internal Medicine at Chilgok Catholic Hospital  
- A gastroenterologist  
- Lifetime Member of the Korean Clinical Hyperacoustic Society  
- A regular member of the Korean Society for Echocardiogram.  
- Cheongju Sacred Heart Hospital Internal Medicine Division  
- A specialist in the department of gastrointestinal medicine
- Director of the Endoscopic Center of the Korea Health Care Association
Jung Min-woo
Major medicinal power
- Intern completion at Dongsan Medical Center 
- Chief of the Anesthesia Department at Gunwi Hospital 
- An anesthesiologist  
- W Hospital's anesthesiologist  
Han Jung-woo, Director of Surgery
Major medicinal power
- Graduated from Yeungnam University of surgery
- Graduate School of Surgery Studies, Yeungnam University
- Interns, residents and full-time completion of Yeungnam University Hospital
- Chief of Surgery at Sangju Red Cross Hospital
- A lifelong member of the Korean Academy of Surgeons.
- Lifetime member of the Korean Collegiate Literature Association
- Lifetime members of the Korea Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgical Society
- Regular member of the Korean Society for Hyperacoustic Wave