Medical Checkup Procedure

Medical check-up procedure
STEP 01. Reservation

Gwanggaeto Hospital makes a reservation with a professional Health planner. Choose a convenient method for you by phone, Internet, and visit reservation.

STEP 02. Confirmation of Reservation and Receipt of Prerequisites

Confirm your reservation over the phone or the Internet. We will send you a health check-up notice, supplies and a cloth bucket by mail before your health check-up, and we will send you a call and SMS to confirm your health check-up reservation.

STEP 03. Reception

Check your reservation at the Health Promotion Center information desk on 17F. The expenses are collected after submitting the supplies (written supplies stool, etc.).

STEP 04. Take off

After registration, go to the changing room. Wear prepared examination clothes and slippers. (Remove accessories)You can keep valuables and cash separately.

STEP 05. checkup Progress

After you change your clothes, proceed with the inspection according to the staff's instructions.

STEP 06. Scheduling Result Consultation

Comprehensive counseling can be confirmed a week after the medical checkup. Visit counseling, postal counseling or telephone counseling are available, and in the case of postal counseling, you can receive your results in about 10 days.