Hospitalization Support Guide

Please be prepared when you're hospitalized!
necessary items for hospitalization

01.necessary items for hospitalization
- soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, slippers that are not slippery, toilet paper, cup of water, etc.
- If you have any medication you were taking before hospitalization, a medicine and medicine information sheet (medicine prescription or medicine bag with name of the medicine)
- We don't offer bedding for guardians, so please prepare it personally.

02.The following items are restricted from use
- Infection prevention: Humidifier
- Fire and burn prevention: Coffee pot, electric pad, steaming pack, etc.

03.If the doctor decides to be hospitalized after outpatient treatment, patients or carers should visit the inpatient department to enter the hospital.
- Please bring your ID and health insurance card to check in.
- Please don't bring your valuables.

Hospitalization procedure
Hospitalization and admission process

The outpatient department decides to be hospitalized, gets assigned to a hospital room at the inpatient department, and receives admission vows and guidance for inpatient life..

Inpatient examination

Follow the employee's instructions to proceed with the inpatient examination (cardiac scan, blood collection) and visit the ward.

Room Assignment

Visit the nurse's office and get guidance on ward life.

Patient room

After entering the hospital room, you will be treated according to the nurse's instructions, and you will apply for discharge one day before your discharge.

Discharge procedure
Determination of discharge

You decide to discharge after consulting with the your doctor in charge, and apply for discharge at the nurse's office 1 day before.

Discharge procedure

Once the treatment is complete, the administration will contact the hospital room, and the hospital bill will be collected at the storage counter on the 2nd floor and will apply for proof.

Discharge medicine

Receive the discharge summary at the storage counter, receive the discharge medicine from the nursing room, get explain the medication, and get guide the outpatient treatment.

Out of the hospital

When the discharge procedure is completed, you can go home and get outpatient treatment .

Discharge Procedure Q&A
Formal discharge is usually determined one day before discharge.
After receiving the necessary documents and other discharge documents, apply to the department of the administration. (However, please apply for a written opinion one day before your issuance.)
On the day of discharge, between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. (Department of Administration will contact the hospital room) once the hospital admission fee is settled, we will inform you of the discharge procedure.
If you are notified of discharge, you can receive the medical bill at the discharge counter of the department of Administration and pay the medical fee.
After receiving discharge payment, you can receive the discharge nursing plan from the department of administration and present it to the nurse's office, receive the discharge medicine, and receive the precautions after discharge, and return home.