Inpatient Life Guidance

inpatient life
doctor's rotation time

After hospitalization, if the doctor treats the affected area twice a day, you can hear about your current condition, diagnosis, treatment plan and treatment results, and future plans in the treatment room.
※In the treatment room, the doctor's description of the patient's affected area is replaced by the doctor's rounding time. In some cases, it can be changed to surgery, examination, and emergency.

nurse's room circuit

The nurse regularly visits the hospital room to check the patient's condition. If you feel uncomfortable or need help, please contact the nurse during the hospital room circuit. If the patient's condition changes, or if you need the help of a simulator immediately, please use the nurse's pager.

pre-admission medication

If you have any medication you were taking before hospitalization, please send your medicine and medicine information sheet (medicine prescription or medicine bag with the name of the medicine) to the nurse.

hospital room lifestyle etiquette

Noise disturb with patient care and recovery. Please excuse any medical activity or noise related to medical devices caused by the treatment of patients in the hospital room. Bed movements in the hospital room are restricted to prevent infection/safety accidents. Please follow the following points for a quiet hospital room environment.

Follow visit time
The cell phone vibrates
(Call quietly in the lounge)
A small talk
(Two or more people use the lounge)
Use earphones for music, videos, and games