colorectal anal surgery

Let us introduce you to the type of colon anus.
type of colon anus

hemorrhoids are a term used to refer to anal diseases such as hemorrhoids, teeth, and hemorrhoids. Generally, the hemorrhoids are referred to as hemorrhoids.

1) Hemorrhoids

Diseases such as blood congestion in the anus cushion area, swelling, bleeding due to swelling, stretching, or loosening of tissue supporting the cushion, or bulging out of the anus are called hemorrhoids.

2) anus rupture

Anus epidermis covered in thin areas is a disease that causes pain and bleeding, which bleeding's not serious. but often causes severe pain when defecating. The most common cause is that the anus epidermis is torn by thick, hard stools caused by constipation, and other frequent diarrhea and inflammatory diseases can cause anus rupture

3) Chiru

The denture line, where the anus and rectum are located at the border, has a small hole called the anus line. When germs enter the anus family and the anus becomes festering, it is called anus (workplace) farming. It is called anus (workplace), which is chronic, penetrates the skin, and forms a channel of pus, or a hard fistula.

4) Colon polyps

Colon polyps is one of the most common diseases of the colon, with abnormal growth of intestinal epithelial cells, lumps, and protruding into a spectacular view, occurring in more than 15 percent of adults, most of them are benign tumors themselves, but some of them may develop into cancer.

5) constipation

Symptoms related to constipation, such as poor bowel movements and bloated all day long, are relatively common illnesses that cause chronic pain. Generally, constipation can be defined as constipation when bowel movements are less than 2 times a week, or when Feces are less than 35g a day.

6) Colon cancer

Colon cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the colon and rectum. Colon cancer is commonly called Colon cancer when it comes to colon, or called rectum cancer when it occur in rectum. And we commonly referred to as colorectal cancer or colon rectal carcinoma.

3) Additional details of Chiru
In the case of Chiru, natural healing is almost impossible to expect, so it can only be completely cured by surgery. If the chiru is left unattended for a long time, it spreads out from the inside of the anus in various directions and develops into a complex form of a chiru, and because it requires extensive surgery to cure it completely, the postoperative wound and the length of hospitalization will inevitably be large.

*Chiru problems repeating recurrence In most cases, chiru has no pain, but it can cause fever or pain when the outer hole of the chiru is blocked and burst repeatedly, and most patients visit the hospital because secretions flow through the outer hole and make their underwear dirty.