Mission & Vision

I will cherish life and fulfill love.
Gwanggaeto Hospital Future Vision
Gwanggaeto Hospital Logo

Phoenix: Meaning of Life, Regeneration and Resurrection


The Gwanggaeto Hospital logo It was designed with the motif of Phoenix, a symbol of life, regeneration and revival, and hopes to achieve new life and new living through the complete regeneration of burn therapy pursued by Gwanggaeto Hospital. GGT, the English abbreviation of Gwanggaeto Hospital, means Great!Good! Therapy! for the greatness of the burn hospital – Great! for the best service through high-tech facilities and state-of-the-art facilities – Good! the perfect treatment of a medical professional - Therapy! has the meaning of 3 colors and it express in dynamically gradation which expresses the innovative image and new power of Gwanggaeto Hospital, which is making a new leap from the the Gwanggaeto Hospital in Daegu and Gyeongbuk.


Great! Good! Therapy!


Gwanggaeto Hospital Zitti is... The character embodies the image of the phoenix, and is designed using three colors and harmony to represent the meaning of GGT, Great!Good! Therapy! to represent the identity of Gwanggaeto Hospital and to promote perfect regeneration of burn therapy and best treatment.