2019 Year
2019 Year

Nov. 01 Opening of GGT Health Promotion Center and digestive organs Endoscopy Center
Nov. 01 Invited by Kim Sun-young, chief of the department, (internal medicine specialist)
Nov. 01 Invited by Jeong Min-woo, section chief, (Anesthesia specialist)
Oct. 24 Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Foreign Studies-Up-to-date findings on the second-degree burn of a child.
Oct. 01 Designation of Industrial Accident Certification Hospital by the Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service
September. 02 Gwanggaeto Hospital moving to in front of Exit 13 of Banwoldang Station

2018~2017 Year
2018~2017 Year

2018 Year
Kim Joo-sung, Head of the Hospital, Announced by the Society for Large-Scaled Surgeons Science on June 26th- latest Perspective on Burn Treatment
May. Invitation to Roh Yong-ji, ( dermatologist )
April. Invited to Chief Kim Ji-hye (specialist in family medicine)

2017 Year
Kim Joo-sung Hospital to Announce the Society of High-Pressure Medicine on November 24
Invited by Choi Byung-hee (an anesthesiologist) on April 17th, 2017.06.27-30 Certification Assessment of Medical Institutions (2017.08-2018.08)
Daegu Fire Safety Headquarters Frequent Examination Agreement on February 01st

2016~2013 Year
2016~2013 Year

2016 Year
Establishment of In-company Welfare Foundation on December 01
Establishment of TF Team for Certification Assessment of Medical Institutions on December 11th
Operation of high-pressure oxygen therapy room (multi-person chamber) on October 22nd, operation of operating room (clean room)

2013 Year
Invited by Chief Lee Hyun-jin (surgery specialist) on January 01st, 2015.05.09. Announcement of the Society of Surgeons and Surgeons, Kim Joo-sung, Director of the Hospital
Invitation to Vice President Ahn Jae-seok on April 01st (Surgery Specialist)
Starting internal medical treatment on February 01st, operation of health examination room (endoscopy room)

2010~2007 Year
2010~2007 Year

2010 Year
The opening of Gwanggaeto Hospital on August 25th (22 rooms, 60 beds, burn treatment room, operating room. intensive care room, Physical therapy room.skin rehabilitation room)

2010-2008 Year
Director of the Vedel Hospital (currently, S Hospital) Burn Center

2008-2007 Year
Director of Gwanggaeto Union Surgery

2006~2002 Year
2006~2002 Year

2006 Year
Director of the burn center at Hyundai e Hospital

2007-2003 Year
the chief of surgery at Hyundai Hospital

2003-2002 Year
the chief of surgery at Gumi Korea Hospital