Burn type

Types according to burn depth
one-degree surface burns

Only the epidermis layer is damaged and the burn area will have erythema. Occurs when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, or when exposed to instantaneous contact or exposure to high heat. After 48 hours of burns, the pain or injury will almost disappear and can be cured without scar within 5-10 days.

two-degree partial layer burn

A burn with tissue that is deeper than 1 degree burns, which is caused by a hot bath or light flames. Most people get blisters and severe vomiting. In most cases, superficial 2-degree burns can be cured in 10-14 days, but in the case of cardiac 2-degree burns, treatment takes about 3 weeks. In some cases, skin grafts may be required.

three-degree full-story burn

Damage to the skin's epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers is caused by gurorrhagitis, steam, oil, chemicals, or high-pressure electricity. Severe edema occurs, but there is no pain due to severe tissue and necrosis. It takes about 40-60 days to treat. It removes necrotic skin and can be cured through skin graft.

burn range - 9 Laws



18% face, 18% back, 9% arms, 18% legs, 1% genitalia.



18% face, 18% back, 9% arms, 18% legs, 1% genitalia.

type of cause