Comprehensive Checkup

Gwanggaeto Hospital has customized medical checkups for corporate executives (groups) We are conducting a special health check-up for faculty members and civil servants.
GGT Comprehensive Checkup Program
- Basic Comprehensive Checkup-
Basic checkup

Heart system measurement and body composition analysis, blood pressure, vision, hearing checkup, feces checkup

Precision Blood Checkup (60 types)

hyperlipidemia, liver function, kidney function, diabetes, pancreas, electrolyte, calcium, thyroid function, general blood test, blood clotting, hepatitis (B, C type), uric acid (ventilation), rheumatoid factor, syphilis, AIDS, tumor marker (liver cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer)

breathing apparatus checkup

pulmonary function checkup. chest radiography

cardiovascular checkup

electrocardiogram , cardiac ultrasonography,
carotid ultrasonography

digestive organs checkup

gastroscopy (by polypectomy and cost of biopsy), upper abdominal ultrasonography

woman checkup

mammography, cervical cancer checkup, bone density checkup.